Department of History

A Brief about the Department


The department was established in 1395 after the opening of Women’s College of Education in Jeddah. The most important objective of the department was the study of history in various specialties like: ancient history, Islamic history, European history, modern and contemporary history, Arabic and Islamic heritage. The department is committed to focusing on the role of Islamic civilization and its impact on modern civilization in the contemporary era.




The department of history has delivered its message since its inception upon the graduation of qualified students who work in multiple government sectors particularly education.

The department has been coping with the development in the field of education in our country, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the improvement of curricula and study plans every few years to keep up with the academic progress. The study was not only limited to bachelor's degree, but included postgraduates diploma as well in the academic year 1398 / 1399. After that students started to register for Pre-Masters-year in 1399 AH / 1400. In 1404/1405 a preliminary doctorate became available to students.

The number of graduates until now is 22 master students, 13 PhD students. The theses written by the students contribute immensely to the field of history. 

The department still has futuristic visions and proposals in order to keep pace with the scientific movement and the development of human resources by taking advantage of educational qualifications. One of the proposals is adding tourism and archeology majors to the department’s study plan. Our country is replete with many tourist and archaeological areas which deserve better attention through the development of competencies eligible in this specialty.

The department can also benefit from its graduates by spreading awareness and establishing museums in all regions. Our country is sprawling and is full of different environments and multiple customs and traditions. Such a fertile ground for scientific material reflects the great development of the country in various ways.

We hope to add vital and important courses to the study plan of the department of history  which contribute to the enrichment of the Department of History like political sciences.

About the staff during the academic year 1436/1437 AH

There are currently in the department of history,

Five associate professors

Ten assistant professors

Nine lecturers

Two demonstrators


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