Department of History

Department Goals

The Department of History is pursuing the following objectives :

1 - Teaching of ancient history and archeology; 
2 - Teaching of Islamic and Arab history and identifying the history of nations according to the scientific method; 
3 – Endeavoring to unearth the causes underlying various intriguing developments of recent history through intensive documentary research, especially with regard to the Arabian Peninsula and its neighboring regions; 
4 - Contributing to the preparation of qualified specialists for work in the areas of education and diplomacy; 
5 - Encouraging historical research, especially with respect to the history of the Arabian Peninsula in general, and the history of Saudi Arabia in particular; 
6 – Promoting interest in the deployment of Arab and Islamic heritage; 
7 – Preparing expert manpower to work in the field of tourism, as tour guides, and as contributors to the establishment and management of museums that reflect the evolution of political, intellectual, historical, cultural and urban influence in Saudi Arabia;
8 – Promoting interest in Arab history of science; 
9–Promoting interest in oral history by means of practical examples; 
10- The formation of qualified historians and researchers covering all areas of historical studies.

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